Karibu Nairobi National park

Nairobi national park is  un disputably the most amazing national parks in the world. its location with the city center, offering a view of the wild versus urban setting giving two distinct views that simply blows ones mind away. while at Nairobi national park , one cannot avoid the charm of comparing  the wildlife and the city sky scrapers seen at the horizon.

Nairobi national  park is situated in  southern  part of Nairobi  Kenya capital and the busiest city. one would wonder how the national park with lots of wildlife is able to co-exist with abusy city. well the secret is quit simple, the  kenya wildlife service  in partnership with the city Authority erected an electric  that spans the parks borders with the city thereby baring the animals from crossing into the city from the park.  Nairobi national park as covers and area of  117km  and  it was the first kenyan national park to be gazeated.

Nairobi national park is one of the smallest parks in Africa and a home of the big five with the Elephant, black and white rhino,lions and leopards infact this park is pretty special phenomenon.The fence that separates the park from the city runs along the high way leaving the air port .

Nairobi lions
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Explore Nairobi National park

nairobi national parkNairobi national park is one of the most unique national parks around the world that is also known as “kifaru ark” meaning the rhinoceros that is located approximately 7 kilometers away from Nairobi town. the incredible nairobi  national park if an amazing haven  to relax  and unwind which covers around 117.21 square kilometers that makes it one of the smallest game parks in comparison to other African game parks. This magnificent unique area is separated by an electric fence that separates wild life from the metropolis. However small this park is, it has Kenya’s most successful rhino sanctuaries and for this reason it is one of the parks where visitors are certain of seeing the endangered black rhinoceros species in their natural habitat. In this park, many visitors that come to Nairobi can have short visit safaris because an hour is enough for you to reach this only game park near the city whose background is a scape of skyscrapers of Nairobi city which can be viewed over an open grass terrain at many points and corners of this national park. This must visit Game Park has diverse wild life species which anyone in Nairobi or outside can’t afford going back home without viewing. This wide and diverse population of wild life found in this area that comprises of lions which survive on hunting other animals like the gazelles, the migration of wildebeests and zebras that occasionally takes place from July to October which can easily be viewed in our open roof car that gives a good and full view of these activities taking place, truly this makes “travel bring back power and love to life.”  “What to do in Nairobi national park?”  Visitors can have a game drive through the park and perhaps visitors with cars are allowed on self drive around the park, visitors can as well enjoy the park’s picnic sites, the three camp sites and walking trails for hikers. The park is also a habitat to the big animals including hippos , giraffes ,buffalos , lions except elephants. Having over 400 bad species, here bad watchers use it as an opportunity to spot various and numerous bird species in the park. Visitors that come to this park in the dry season find a great advantage of viewing almost all animal species in this park because it’s when they gather together for the rest of the parts of the city are dry.  Since it is the only natural safari in Kenya and east Africa, it makes it accessible for visitors in Nairobi to visit the sheldrick elephant orphanage where little elephants are raised n later left to join the wild. Other animals like the baboons, ostrich, grant’s zebras, cheetahs, waterbucks, African leopard, eland, impala and black rhinos are found at this destination. Indeed Nairobi national park is actually Africa’s one stop destination that no one should miss out while in Kenya and East Africa at large. Visit Nairobi National Park and EXPERIENCE VARSITY

Attractions & Activities

Location  of Nairobi  national park

Being one of the most unique, oldest and smallest parks worldwide, one could wonder how to get to this appealing attraction moreover found on the Nairobi city suburb. Nairobi national park is the nearest attraction in Kenya that a tourist who has come for a tour or business in the business capital of Kenya (Nairobi) can easily access within an hour if not minutes because it’s just seven kilometers south of Kenya’s capital. It is borders Ngong forest in the south where its main gate is situated (langata gate) and the headquarters of Kenya wildlife services are located, athi river and mbagathi border this precious attraction in the south and in the east is also where langata road  is found making the park more accessible by road transport.

For one to get to Kenya they can use its official airlines (Kenya airways) that will land at Kenyatta international airport which is 17.6km and that is a 21min drive south of Nairobi to this attraction and Wilson airports.

Attractions at Nairobi National park

Established in 1964, Nairobi national park happens to be Kenya’s most unique attraction located south of the business capital of Kenya. Visitors on a short safari can find it more interesting to come to this park for at least an afternoon guided game drive which happens to be one of the attractions at Nairobi national park where visitors may be able to spot authentic wild life at the park. And visitors on a long safari can actually find it more interesting to spend a night in the wild. Covering 114.21km², the park happens to be one of the smallest in Africa and world at large having over 400 bird species making it a “birder’s paradise” where bird lovers can spend a whole day at the park spotting different and indigenous bird species. Safe guarded by “Kenya wildlife services,” the park is highly protected from poachers and encroachers in order to preserve and conserve the wildlife game for generations.

“Attractions at Nairobi national park” are quite numbered and outstandingly unique as compared to those in other parks in Kenya.


This also one of the most pronoun attractions at Nairobi national park where the park has a variety of game that is quite literally in the class of their own. This includes; the endangered rhinoceros, lions, cheetahs, leopards, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, warthogs, waterbucks, wildebeests and crocodiles. All these can be viewed at the park on a guided game drive in their natural environment living in perfect peace and harmony.


Truly, having birds as attractions of Nairobi national park makes the park a birder’s paradise where over 400 bird species can be spotted on a nature walk or even a guided game drive and in the months of July and August bird population increases for this is when migrants from North Africa and Europe come into the park and this migration collides with the breeding period of the park birds. Birding can be done on a half day safari at the park but for a more authentic and memorable experience we highly recommend a full day safari.


The park is naturally endowed with magnificent dry forest that is found on the southern uplands of the park and this being an attraction at the park it is accompanied by the grass plains in the other remaining park of the park the is comprised of basically acacia except in the south in river kitengela where there is a permanent riverine forest on the boundary of the park. Over the grass plains skyscrapers of Nairobi city are seen protruding and making an attractive and mind relaxing background of the park hence attracting a lot of people to the park to see how this looks and how it feels.

David Sheldrick elephant orphanage

Opening for only one hour to visitors’ daily, David Sheldrick elephant orphanage is a great attraction at Nairobi national park that can first be visited before entering the park to commence with other fun filled activities. This is where orphaned and wounded infant elephants are taken care of and after left to join the wild. Visitors come to this area basically to see infant elephants, feed them and also play with them making it an attraction at Nairobi national park.

Activities In Nairobi National park

Activities at nairobi national park, Established in 1964, Nairobi national park happens to be the oldest national park in the history of Kenya and its strategic location where it is found in the city of Nairobi south wards which takes a 30minute drive from Nairobi Kenya’s capital. This park of mystery is also called kifaru ark” which means home for the endangered black rhinos that happen to be found in this place living in perfect peace and harmony. This is recorded as the only park in the world located near the city just approximately 7km from Nairobi capital whereby while at the park Nairobi town skyscrapers can be viewed over the open grass plains of the park. This park is separated by an electric fence that prevents animals from crossing over and going to human habitats though the southern side of the park is open where river athi makes a natural boundary and it is from here that the animals migrate into and outside the park during seasonal rains in a place known as “kitengela conservation area”.

This indigenous park has a wide range of activities where one can first of all visit the Sheldrick elephant orphanage that is open for tourists from 11:00-12:00 daily, it is a home where orphaned elephants are kept and after they grow up, they are left to join the wild. Here tourists can do;

Site seeing; This is done by moving around the place, viewing and appreciating different activities that are conducted at the area and can as well engage in some of them like feeding the elephants.

Activities at nairobi national park

Filming; is another activity that can be conducted at this destination and in the park through recording videos with the use of digital cameras and phones to capture the area footage of elephants feeding and animal behavior in the park.

Photography; is the most common activity and widely done by many tourists in this destination and in the park where photos are taken using phone and digital cameras with these elephants feeding because this orphanage is only accessed and open for only one hour during feeding time so this opens up opportunities for taking photos and in the park while on the game drive and tracking, “what a memorable experience.”

From the orphanage, you can decide to continue with your adventure inside the world’s only national park located in the city (Nairobi). Here no tourist is allowed to enter without a vehicle and a guide, the park is a very magnificent area however small it is it inhabits a lot of different animal species and while at the park you can do;

A game drive; this is where a you drive around the park spotting different bird species and indigenous game animals with your car or tourist vehicle and for a memorable experience and more adventure you are request to go on a game drive with a park guide because these can easily trace animal movements. Animals like leopards are not commonly seen but with the help of a guide they can be spotted while others like lions, buffaloes, elephants, black rhinos, zebras, giraffes, impala, gazelles, cheetahs, waterbucks and wildebeest can also be seen during the game drive in the park.

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